95%9. Relative standard deviation: RSDvl.5% (standard particle > 1000 particles/ml)10.Limited detection concentration: 18000 grains/ml11. Stirring speed: 0~1000 rpm12.Working temperature: 10~40°C13. Power: 100-240VAC; 50/60HZ; <80W14.Data output: dot matrix printer, RS232 interface, USB storage interface">
Huazheng Electric HZDS-Y1 Particle Analyzer
Huazheng Electric HZDS-Y1 Particle Analyzer
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Huazheng Electric HZDS-Y1 Particle Analyzer
Huazheng Electric HZDS-Y1 Particle Analyzer
Huazheng Electric HZDS-Y1 Particle Analyzer
Huazheng Electric HZDS-Y1 Particle Analyzer

I.Main features:

1. Meet the requirements of many national standards for medical devices such as "Chinese Pharmacopoeia", "US Pharmacopoeia", "Standards for Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials" and GB8368-2018 for infusion devices.

2. High-performance laser light source and light energy compensation circuit ensure the test accuracy of various colorless, colored and clear samples. The inlet slit and pipeline are made of imported 316L and PTFE materials, which can directly detect weak acid and alkali corrosive special solutions such as organic solvents and oil bases

3. High-performance processor, nearly 10,000 counting channels, to achieve high-precision data acquisition.

4. Automatic calibration improves calibration efficiency and ensures accurate and reliable test data.

5. The instrument can be calibrated and calibrated according to Chinese Pharmacopoeia, US Pharmacopoeia, ISO21501 and other standards, which can meet the requirements of drug import and export testing.

6. Have rights management function to ensure data security

7. Using Android operating system, humanized interactive experience, simple operation.

8. Built-in database mass storage, with data statistical analysis function.

9. RS232 and USB interfaces, which can be connected to an external computer to store the test results, which is convenient for data classification and retrieval. Visual dust-proof door design to prevent environmental contamination of samples.


II.Main Specifications:

1.Channel setting: Sixty-four particle size channels, thousands of particle sizes can be customized, with an accuracy of 0" ie m

2.Particle size range: 1~500|jm (sensors can be selected in segments)

3.Counting range:. 0~9999999 capsules

4.Injection volume: 0.2~1000ml (accuracy 0.1ml)

5.Injection volume accuracy: <±0.5%

6.Sampling speed: 5~80ml/min

7.Counting accuracy: v specified value ± 5%

8.Channel resolution: >95%

9. Relative standard deviation: RSDvl.5% (standard particle > 1000 particles/ml)

10.Limited detection concentration: 18000 grains/ml

11. Stirring speed: 0~1000 rpm

12.Working temperature: 10~40°C

13. Power: 100-240VAC; 50/60HZ; <80W

14.Data output: dot matrix printer, RS232 interface, USB storage interface

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